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Singer and Dancer: Caroluna Michelson,

Visionary Ritual Artist, Priestess Christy Michaels,

Artists, Sue Ellen Parkinson, https://www.sueellenparkinson/

Dance Choreographer: Andrea La Canela

Dancers: Priestess of the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene, Elizabeth Kelley,

Priestess, Jan Sara Jorgensen,

Ritual Artist Shiloh Sophia led us in a Red Thread Ritual to honor the Female Trinity of the Black Madonna represented by Anasuya Issacs, the Holy Spirit represented by Andrea Lauren and the Divine Mother represented by Jan Jorgensen.

Composer, Gary Malkin -

Music Director: Denise Ruelas on piano with Robert Ram Smith Lead Singer

Ritual Dancers: Andrea Lauren,

Founder of Ilumina Dancers: Priestess, Ilona Marshall

Choreographer Caroluna Michelson with dancer Elizabeth Kelley

Musican - Dan Morse

Singer / harpist - Christine Tulis

Singer - Momo Cortez

Priestess, Diana Kelly at the Magdalene / Sophia Altar

Channelers Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone at the Magdalene Altar

Santon de La Vie, Global Healer, founder Global Healing Initiative

Priestess, Debra Giusti, Author on Tips of Ascension

Tanjila Islam, Founder of

Darren Starwynn, OMD -

Priestess, Karen La Puma, astrologer, and author

Priestess, Michele Newman, Crystal Bowl Sound Healer

Priest, Eliahu Goodman, Knight Templar of the Order of Magdalene

Hallelujah Anasuya, Mystic Midwife, Spiritual Coach, Conscious Channel,

Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, Certified Music Practitioner, Public Health Nurse, Minister, Priestess

 Priestess, Connie Viveros channeler of the Divine Mother

Ilumina Dancers:

Priestess, Ilona Marshall dancing with

Priestess, Karen La Puma

Andrea La Canela


Top row
Nina Grae, Christy Michaels, Caroluna Michelson
2nd row
Jan Jorgensen, Elizabeth Kelley, Elyane Doughty, Anasuya Issac
Last row
Claire Magdalena, ILona Marshall, Scott Catamas, Santon de La Vie, 
L. Shannon Andersen


Musicians, Singers, Dancers and Ritualists: 

Musicians: Christine Tulis, harpist,

Singers: Nina Grae

Watch her sing at the Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe on Saturday, April 3 at 6pm. Register for zoom link.

Ilumina Dancers:

Ilona Marshall, (no website)

Karen La Puma,

Celestine Star,

Andrea La Canela


Elizabeth Kelley of the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene, Mary Magdalene Gnosticism Holy Grail Alchemy Egyptian Mystery Schools (


Connie Viveros,Sponsor: Inspired Heart Foundation | Leadership Training for At Risk Women

Oshalla Dee, MC Arts Gallery & Collective (

Luminessa Enjara  Luminessa Enjara's Personal Journey - THE NEW FEMININE MYSTIQUE

Michele NewmanSing Your Soul Song


Sacred Masculine:

Dan Craig-Morse, The Sophia Project – Reclaiming The Divine Spark Within

Eliahu Goodman,

Ari Moshe Wolfe

Scott Catamas


Executive producer, Santon de la Vie,

Thank you to our media producers:

Scott Catamas, founder of Love Coach Academy at

Debra Giusti, Wishing Well Production

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