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What would Magdalene say?

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A Couse In Miracles (ACIM) says

In A Manuel for Teachers It says: 

    “There are those who have reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits
and remembering their own identity perfectly. These might be called the Teachers of teachers because, although t
hey are no longer visible, their image can yet be called upon.  And they will appear when and where it is helpful for them to do so.“

Why we raise up the Magdalene?

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Let me tell you what Magdalene has to say about the celebrations I create throughout the year, with the main one being the Magdalene Moonrise Easter Celebration on Easter evening. 


As many of you are aware we have several women/men in our community who channel Magdalene.  One person in our group suggested that we drop the name Magdalene and just make the celebration about the Rise of the Divine Feminine. She thought we should evolve to become our own Avatar Higher Self. 


I decided to ask each of the channelers to talk directly to Magdalene and ask her what she thinks about this idea.

What do you think Magdalene channeled through all these different people? 


They all came back with the same answer.  It is a both/and other words...


Yes, we need to  evolve to become our own Avatar Higher Selves AND we still need Magdalene raised up in our celebrations, not because she needs this but because she is a living demonstration or a model of one who walked as her Higher Self, that we can learn from. Most people still need that kind of help.

Other channelers, here is what I asked:

Look forward to hearing back from the Magdalene through you. My friend who over the years has been suggestomg this idea of changing the name of the Magdalene Moonrise Easter Celebration to just the Rise of the Divine Feminine.

I have been staying in the question what has been coming through for me, is that we are not retelling the old story, but actually presenting a container of love to give people the experience of the new story, the real purpose of rising of the Moon energies that reflect the light and love that we are from the Cristos within and then walking fourth sharing and extending that love in a live safely interactive way.

My vision from Magdalene for this year was to create the Sanctuary as a sound bath of love where people could walk the corners of the sanctuary and experience the elements interacting with the higher frequencies of love. Like water element as holy water, being sprayed upon you. In another corner the Crystal bowls sending out a high frequency of love, and as one enters the chamber the Black Madonna shamans clear your energies so you can walk forth carrying the light within while rosé petals are tossed upon you. A live interactive experience of the New Earth. 

Check out what some of the channelers and their websites and what Magdalene channeled to them on my website and how to connect with them:


Hi Christy,

I just had a break in the middle of the day and received your text. So, I tapped into a connection with Mary Magdalene and received the below transmission regarding the question in the text.


From Mary Magdalene


"It is true that leaders of the evolutionary spiritual upgrade are being asked now to align their energies in harmonic unison. For many, this means being in relationship with their egoic negative voices, so they no longer lead when coming together for and creating spiritual events. This is a process that this community is undergoing individually and collectively. 


However, in regard to the more specific information that these priestesses received, it is correct and not fully correct. More aptly, there is a huge evolution away from the rigid structures of the past so that there can be more space for the actual experience of spirit to come through. 


Yet, the energies of myself (Mary Magdalene) and the entire orders of the Magdalena and Christ Consciousness, and especially my beloved Yeshua and the powerful resurrection energy that he brought unto this planet through his death and resurrection, is all at the very heart of what the Easter celebrations are about. Therefore, we invite you not to throw out the container of what this time is about. This container brings in great waves of Christ Consciousness and Divine Feminine Wisdom. At the same time, you are invited to not just look to the past but also look into the present and into the future…connect to what this energy really means for present-time humanity and how it offers an energetic field and structure for the New Earth that is being birthed now. Trust your intuition, beloved…you feel in your heart what is right. "


Love and Blessings to you, Christy,



Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy, ND

Founder of Sophia Healing Academy and Somatic Awakening®,

Naturopathic Doctor, Mind-Body-Spirit Specialist, Spiritual Teacher,

Medical Intuitive, and Energy Medicine Practitioner (Healing Practice website)  (Teaching website)

Aimee Lyndon-Adams answer from her channeling with the Magdalene: 

Hi honey, I just had a clear channel with MM and not surprisingly she says “ both/ and” - very 5D  in other words, keep the title of Magdalene Moonrise but add a colon: The Rise of the Divine Feminine.

What do you think? 

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Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A.
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