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Revealing a deeper truth...

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Revealing a deeper truth about the power of mastery of Mother Mary:
An Introduction to the Holy Womb Wisdom Chakra

Intro to the Holy Womb Wisdom Chakra reveals a deeper truth about the power of mastery of Mother Mary with Holy Womb Wisdom Chakra trained certified facillitator High Priestess Diana Melchizedek along with her partner Priestess Danielle Saunder of the Temple of the Holy Womb: This video explores the suppressed information regarding the real power and mastery of Mother Mary, that Sri Kaleshwar from India teaches along with what scientist have discovered about her. To understand this power we need to look at the information about the Holy Womb Wisdom Chakra that was revealed by an Indian Guru Sri Kaleshwar. Priestess Christy Michaels and Ilona Marshall share some of the miracle stories about Mother Mary to lay the ground work of understanding Mother Mary's true level of mastery. Bridging worlds to help unify people is one of the theme's with this video so part of the video is in Spanish. May 30th is both Our Lady of the Little Bridge and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Part of the talk is in Spanish. We close our experience of the womb wisdom with Astrella Azar who invokes the presence of our angels to walk forth and be with us as we have touched in to a deeper sacred space with the Womb Wisdom Chakra meditation led by Diana and Danielle. Donations are appreciated through to

Priestess Christy Michaels lead this event with other esteemed Priestesses:


High Priestess Diana Melchizedek, 
Owl Priestess - Danielle Saunders,
Ilona Marshall and Astrella Azar


Priestesses Christy Michaels and Ilona Marshall revealed personal experiences of the miracle powers of Mother Mary revealed to her that led to the first ritual she led where she was asked to honor Mother Mary for her consciousness to conceive light and birth a God. These stories like the one that Ilona Marshall will share help us to cultivate our own miracle-mindedness.


Owl Priestess, Danielle Saunders, M.F.T., opened sacred space and lead us in a beautiful ritual meditation to connect us to a direct experience of the power of our womb wisdom within, be ye male or female.


Astrella Azar, an Angel Healer, brought forth the Angels who assist her to assist us. She will invoke with the heartfelt call, your angel guides to join with you and support you as you walk forth in the days ahead sustained by this love, if you so choose. 

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