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"Thank you Christy. I have fallen in love with Mary Magdalene and your teaching  

I have been working on the Divine feminine for 2 years...This has expanded my energy to a new level."

 Of love and light, 
Barbara Manely

TESTIMONIALS: from the first class of the 7 class series on the Gospel of Mary

Dr. Joe Dispenza meet Mary Magdalene who demonstrated your research, in her Gospel of Mary

Gailya's Beauty Secrets

3 months ago

A fascinating presentation! Christy draws a parallel between Dr. Joe Dispenza's philosophy which is based on Quantum Physics and modern science, and Mary Magdalan's message as found in the Gospel of Mary. It's a match and it's pretty amazing! Christy gives us a lot to chew on here. Highly recommended.

Amy Rice

3 days ago

I just came across your channel and subscribed immediately! I am so grateful for people like you to help us learn and expand. I’m at a point now that I just can’t get enough of this stuff. I don’t keep up with the news at all and I’m working on my inner self constantly. Many blessings to you and your channel and subscribers 🙏

Blessed by the Best

1 month ago

Thank you Goddess for all that you bring forward. 🙏. I am Incredibly grateful for these incredible teachings.

RH negative Ancient Hebrews

3 weeks ago

I have been researching Mary Magdalene myself But I've been following the genetics and genealogy of the Rh- people and it has led me to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It's real hard to come by good research on her thank you so much I just found your channel I love it already!

Ruth Virginia

6 days ago

Thank you. You have touched my heart. I am grateful.💚💛👼😇💛💚


Tasneem Ally

3 months ago

I found this presentation to be a perfect “Science meeting Spirituality”presentation .Please send me link for second part .Infinite gratitude for this amazing effort 🙏🏻

Jacqueline Haggarty

8 days ago

Brilliant podcast so refreshing &rene

Woow thank you so much

Love heals all

6 days ago




The Teacher

2 weeks ago

She’s awake

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