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Order seminar on the Discover the Gospel of Mary

Order seminar series of 3 
Where is She in A Course In Miracles (ACIM)?


The 1st Offering is:

Discover the
Gospel of Mary Magdalene:
with Priestesses:
Elizabeth Kelley of the Holy Order of
Mary Magdalene
Christy Grace Michaels, M.A.

2nd Offering is:
Gospel of Mary Mirrored in
A Course In Miracles

with Priestess Christy Michaels



This journey contains material that is of such a high vibration that people feel like they are catapulted to the mountain top. We will explore:

  • Why was her Gospel suppressed and

  • Why is she continuing to be suppressed?

  • What are they afraid of? 

  • Hard as they tried, how is it that they were unable to suppress her Gospel?

  • Why is she such a powerful model of Feminine leadership?

  • What concepts were mirrored in both texts?

In this first seminar of the series of 4,

Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A., a Magdalene Priestess, ordained by Priestess Elizabeth Kelley on 10-10-10 shares her research of the Gospel of Mary connections with Quantum physics research of people like Dr. Joe Dispenza and the Heartmath institute. These are exciting times where we have the ability to connect the dots of the work of modern science and ancient wisdom as found in the Gospel of Mary on the path of enlightenment and the awakening process. This insight reveals the importance of what Mary Magdalene accomplished and how it is relevant today.

A 4 Seminar Series:

  • Seminar One - 2/24/23 -  Discovery of Mary: The Suppression of Her and Her Gospel by Priestess Elizabeth Kelley

then next 3 Seminar on Gospel of Mary Mirrored in A Course In Miracles

  • Seminar Two - 3/10  - Magdalene the Demonstration: Dr Joe Dispenza meet Mary Magdalene

  • Seminar Three -3/24 - Her Soul's journey to Her Awakening part 1

  • Seminar Four - 3/31 -  Her Soul's journey to Her Awakening part 2



Seminar Leaders: 

Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A.

an Ordained Priestess of the Lyceum of Sophia. Christy as everyone calls her is devoted to spreading The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, especially as it is mirrored in A Course In Miracles. She has been a student of A Course In Miracles since the late 1990's. She lectures around the country, teaching from these two texts.

She also offers webinars on the Gospel of Mary and sacred circles based on the the teachings of A Course of Love.


Priestess Elizabeth Kelley of the

Holy Order of Mary Magdalene


will be joining us to shed insight into her understanding of the beauty,depth and richness of the Gnostic path. 

Elizabeth Kelley is recognized as a renown independent scholar of the Magdalene Mysteries. Her dedication to research and deep insights lead to her ordination in 1994 as priestess in the ancient and exclusive Holy Order of Mary Magdalene. 

More information:

2nd Offering
is the

Gospel of Mary Magdalene
as it is mirrored in
A Course In Miracles

This seminar is for those who are somewhat familiar with
A Course In Miracles (ACIM)
Weekly Zoom seminar, on Friday
Replays will be sent to you.  The last in the series is on Friday, April 21  at 1 – 2:30 pm PDT,


A Course In Miracles never uses the pronoun “She”.  The lack of the use of female gender terms makes it appear that ACIM does not include women as important. This is not true.    


I discovered that The Gospel of Mary Magdalene which speaks of the Mary Magdalene’s experiences with Jesus and the disciples is mirrored in A Course In Miracles,
almost word for word. 


Important reasons to explore the relationship between ACIM and the Gospel of Mary:

  • Gospel of Mary was found incomplete fragments
    - ACIM fills in the incomplete sections by explaining the ideas in more detail.


  • Gospel of Mary demonstrates the original intent as ACIM would like us to believe, given that it was written sometime in the first century as Jesus shares the same ideas.


  • Mary Magdalene’s experiences demonstrate that she understood ACIM principles. Her power is that she demonstrated/modeled a level of mastery of ACIM principles.


Costs: 4 seminars $100

All seminars will be recorded and replays will be sent to you.

Priestess Elizabeth Kelley
of the
Holy Order of Mary Magdalene

"I have had a longing to know more about Mary Magdalena and where She was in the story of Jesus and found what I was hoping for.

The facilitator Priestess Christy Michaels was not only articulate but brought to us part of our forgotten her-story as to this woman [Magdalene's life and] light.   Women need to know this. 

Additional information was given by Priestess Elizabeth Kelley, which I found to be both inspiring and enlightening.

As women we need to stand together and recognize that we hold the key to the mysteries and it is women like the ones who presented the workshop bring that awareness to us.  This is a presentation I highly recommend.  It was well worth the afternoon I spent learning all of this.

Sincerely yours,

Elaine B. Holtz

Producer/Radio Talk show Host Women’s Spaces


A fascinating presentation! Christy draws a parallel between Dr. Joe Dispenza's philosophy which is based on Quantum Physics and modern science, and Mary Magdalan's message as found in the Gospel of Mary. It's a match and it's pretty amazing! Christy gives us a lot to chew on here. Highly recommended. - Gailya Magdalena 


Thank you. You have touched my heart. I am grateful. - Ruth Viriginia


Thank you very much Christy, for the way you discover this lost teachings that are very profound probably is meant to be that way because now you are sharing her teaching and I feel very connected with Mary Magdalene, in a long time I went to Half Moon Bay beach and I found a drawing in a big rock and it was Mary Magdalene about 3 weeks ago on July 3 2022, and now for the first time I'm hearing you talking about her, besides that I been fallowing Joe Dispenza work for a long time I use his meditation work and practice them, this is a miracle or a respond the teacher just came to me. Thank you again . - Karina Linares

Christy Michaels, M.A.

Anchor 1 2nd Offering

Where is She in
A Course In Miracles?

Discover the Gospel of Mary Magdalene as it is mirrored in
A Course In Miracles

A 7 Class Series

Starting January 13 at 1 pm PDT


When I discovered that not only is the Gospel of Mary Magdalene mirrored in A Course In Miracles (ACIM), I was comforted.  The Gospel of Mary is short and we don't have the full document. Where the ideas show up, ACIM explains more about what is meant. 

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