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We dedicate this site to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene in an effort to bring forth the valuable understandings of these early times and the messages of Mary Magdalene.

The Gospel of Mary clearly reveals a deeper understanding of the relationship of Mary to Jesus. It helps us to have a view of not only her struggles with the Disciples to accept her in the way Jesus did, but her important conversations with Jesus after the Resurrection. It clarifies some of the concepts about what is sin, what is matter and what was Jesus’s feeling about the role of woman and spirituality.

However the most important part is how it touches our lives, open our hearts and gives us eyes to see.

Check the Upcoming Events link for lectures, rituals and workshop offerings.

Typically there is an event each month unless their is a Holiday or Christy is traveling.

To find out when the next event is see Upcoming events page for details)

This site refers to the version of The Gospel of Mary translated into French by Jean- Yves LeLoup and into English by Jospeh Rowe, in 2002. David Tresemer, Ph.D., and Laura-Lea Cannon commissioned Joseph Rowe to translate Le Loup’s version into English.

We offer regular seminars in Marin County (S.F. Bay Area of Northern California) to bring forth a deeper understanding of the concepts and ideas as they impact us in present time with the profound wisdom that was covered over all these years.

What a different story! What a different world we would have today if this Gospel of Mary Magdalene had been included in the gospels of the Bible. The ideas outlined are more congruent with A Course In Miracles. To learn about A Course In Miracles go to the Foundation for Inner Peace. ( )

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