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Women of the Round Table

Is a council of women who are co-creating the shift to a more balanced and equal society, living in love and using tools of compassion.

The idea for this round table came as a vision to Christy Michaels, one evening while at a party.  She was talking with a group of women when suddenly she was struck with the idea that what we need is a women of the Round Table as a part of the evolving evolutionary shift up from the original intent of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. 

Suddenly every women within ear shot joined her and we all sat down in a circle with a big YES! 


One of the women was staying at a house with a big round table. We all agreed to meet as they all felt the energy of the call, but we did not know what it was we were to do. 

When we gathered again, around a beautiful wood round table.  We sat in meditation in the question, what would you have us do?


It was 2012 the year of the water dragon.  One idea that bubbled up was that the water dragon would put out the fires of King Arthur's Red Firer dragon.

Carista Luminare said she got that it is time for women to restore the use of the name Priestess as a title. 

Christy had been ordained on 10-10-10 as a Priestess of Mary Magdalene in the order of the Lyceum of the Holy Order of Sophia, but had been shy about calling myself a Priestess, after this powerful more.

Men work as equals with us.  For they have had their own call to serve a world balanced and in harmony with Divine Feminine.  

Women (in partnership with their Beloveds) from the council, Knight the men who wish to reveal themselves as sacred men dedicated to the sacred feminine.   Women knight women, too.


The men turn over their swords that have previously been symbols of domination and control to their female partners who use the sword as the sword of truth to cut through the veils of illusion.   

, after


Women Circle Starting Wednesday, March 23 
at 4-5:30pm PST
Info coming soon email

Credits: Water Dragon by Jennifer N. Pham

Universal Worship Lotus by Nature Energies

Image design: Christy Michaels and Celestine Star*

High Priestess Diana Melchizedek bring through the energies of the Divine Mother as she knighted  L.Shannon Andersen who Knights people as a part of a return of the Knights Templar.

There was so much intense energy coming through her that her partner Priest Michael Melchizedek could hardly help her with the sword. 

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