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Santon de La Vie
Christy Michaels, M.A.
Ilona Marshall

Watch the Jan. 6th, 2024 show 

Building bridges and making connections toward a more
peaceful and
equitable world. 

Priestess Christy Michaels joins with you for an organic conversation with a panel of friends.

Please join me for a deeper conversation

on tips and tools for Healing America at this level of the collective. What is possible?
How do you join to become a demonstration that the good has come among us as Magdalene would say.

Healing of America National January 6

Rally  Our Freedoms. Please Vote to
Build a Culture of Kindness. 

Free Replay 

coming soon

Priestess Christy Michaels with Founding visionary for Healing America
Santon de La Vie

Musican, Ari Moshe Wolfe
Beautiful Landscape
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