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Starting on the Summer Solstice, an enlightening gathering of kindred spirits and expert panellists, including myself, are going to share their wisdom with you and guide you towards unlocking your untapped potential.


At this virtual retreat, you will:


🌞 Gain the strategies on how to protect your energy field when you’re spiralling in overload - say goodbye to 'energy vampires'


🌞 Learn what’s coming in the next 6 months ahead of time - sleep with ease at night knowing that you’ll be prepared for anything


🌞 Discover the root issues that are either leading you towards burnout or decision paralysis and work with your system to finally develop healthier habits that actually stick!



It’s NOT too late, you have SO much more to do on this planet…


If you think you’re getting too old to really make a difference - think again! It's your wisdom that the world is calling for!


And if you’re thinking it’s not the right time - these shifts are coming in 6 months… There's NO MORE TIME TO WASTE!




I cannot wait to see you there, beautiful soul.




Christy Michaels


P.S. A societal shift is coming that is going to affect you the most… and because of this, I know you’re the key to helping society move through this shift with grace. 'Evolutionary EmpowHERment: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Truly YOU!' is a free Virtual Retreat with experts and gurus in womxn’s empowerment and personal development that are going to show you HOW to unlock your gifts to heal the world. 

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Click Upcoming Webinars to see more details:

Join me at World Unity Week for seminar on Wednesday, June 21 at 6 pm EDT 

Peaceful tools that brought down the Berlin Wall and took out a brutal dictator.

  • Peaceful tools:

    • that brought down the Berlin Wall and took out a brutal dictator.

    • Removed a brutal dictator from power.

    • Watch the movie to deepen your understanding called, Pray the Devil Back to Hell (

June 21 at 6 -7 pm EDT 

Register for the Home 2023 - World Unity Week.


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Moonrise Sacred Ritualists.JPG


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