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Divine Feminine Activation:

Awakeners Arise!

On this High Holy Day of the
Queenship of Mary
On Zoom

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Saturday, August 22, 2020 from 2 to 4 pm
Bring a Candle,
Dress in White with Aqua Blue

Divine Feminine Activation Awakeners Rise: The Amazing Astrology Reading about August 22 at 2 pm



“At this time, there is a gathering of pioneers of the new...”

                                                  - A COURSE OF LOVE (ACOL) T4:12.3


“One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order,
blessing the silence, gracing the cosmos,
manifesting the light of the heart.”

                                                        – ACOL C:20.7



Join with us, both male and female, as we raise our consciousness this afternoon to activate and impact the collective mind,

creating a Unified Field of Love.

Harpist/Singer Christine Tulis

“One creative force gathering the atoms…”

Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A.: Why is this day significant?
Who are the Forerunners of Mary and why we need you to gather to create the New Earth?

Astrologer Karen La Puma: Why the time is now!  Karen will tell you what the astrology says about why this afternoon is so important.


Moving forward with a forgiving heart…honoring the shadow

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.,

The Offering of Wine and the Golden Apple to the Goddess Eris (Goddess of Discord/Strife)

Jai Josef, Singer/Songwriter: I Love Myself the Way I Am

… establishing the order …

Balance and Equality

Dan Craig-Morse will talk on the lost emanation of the Sacred Feminine and the Wisdom of God (Sophia).
Without her presence we became imbalanced.

Sacred Masculine Declaration of Love and Safety:

Dan Craig-Morse, Michael Melchizedek and Eliahu Goodman: Calling out by the men for the Rise of the Divine Feminine. We are here.
We support your rise. 
We see you. We hear you. We stand with you in equality and wholeness!

Ritual of Equality: Male and Female as One.
A return to home in the heartland for the
Love of All!

Michele Newman and Eliahu Goodman

… gracing the cosmos …

Diana and Michael Melchizedek speak from beyond the veil what has been revealed as to why Mother Mary is being discovered to be the greatest Master of all times. Followed by a Transmission of Love and Blessing.

Momo Cortez sings, Mary Did You Know?

… Crowning the Queen of Heaven …

Jan Sara Jorgensen: Claiming our Crown; Feeling your feet on the ground. Grounding your being in the Sacred. What does that mean? Activating the Voice: Preparing to raise your frequency through sound to step out into the world at a higher vibration, so you can rise above the battlefield and send Love and Blessings to ALL.

… The Goddess of Silence …

Give Back to Community - Zambia: Empowering Deaf Girls

Our deaf sisters live in the blessing of silence, so for this reason the non-profit we have chosen to contribute our green blessings to is:
Give Back to Community - Zambia
Donate here

who lifted up Euphy, (Full name - Euphemiah Sijabala), who is now studyingin an American University so
she can help other deaf girls like herself.

Euphy will speak on empowering deaf girls and women through
Give Back to Community – Zambia


YouTube - Euphy speaks



Denise Ruelas sings, Be Still

   … manifesting the light of the heart …

Christine Tulis speaks to what it is to prepare to open the crown chakra
to receive light and be crowned.

Song – Invocation 

Connie Viveros: Activating the Heart with the Heart of the Divine Mother
The Cosmic Divine Mother initiation of the
Divine Feminine Activation Awakeners

Closing Chant:

Denise Ruelas sings, Chant All that I am I Offer to the Altar of Love

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