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Easter Moonrise Service 4/1/17: Easter

Through Mary Magdalene's Eyes at Unity In Marin at 6:30 pm

At Unity in Marin

600 Palm Dr. Novato, CA 94945

• Ancient Mystic Women Who Seeded Conscious Evolution

• In Her Name Circle - Goddess and

the Crop Circle.

Mary Magdalene's Feast Day July 22, 2018 

7 to 9 pm

Location TBA

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Magdalene Feast day from 7 to 9 pm

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Magdalene Moonrise Celebration 

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Sunday, April 12, 2020 6:30pm






Other topics:

Magdalene Mysteries in the Crop Circles Around the World

led by Christy Michaels, M.A.  TBA

Starting back in 2008, crop circles began to form on the Feast day of Mary Magdalene, July 22 that contained teachings from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Following on the heels of the release of the Da Vinci Code, these crop circles were attempting to confirm something profound, but what?

Christy Michaels will share the direct connection between the symbol in the crop circles and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene stories. It is as if the crop circle was validating a deeper truth outlined in the Gospel of Mary and Gospel of Thomas.

Joining with Sacred Men who are changing the world one heart at a time. 

Christy Michaels will share about how important is the work of including men and honoring men has been in our Magdalene Community in Marin County. Through a transformative ritual, we shift the paradigm of the sword which has been used as a symbol of domination and control to the sword of truth by transferring the sword to the Divine Feminine who then knights the men with the energy of the Sophia (Wisdom of God).

The artists who painted the Awakening of the Magdalene -TBA

Christy Michaels will share the meditation painted by George La Tour that outlines the steps to the awakening of Mary Magdalene herself. Her power as a true enlighten leader and the impact she had as told in her Gospel. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene is why we now understand, how the efforts to suppress her, failed. She is the living demonstration of a fully realized Christ/Sophia, higher conscious self.

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Bio’s of Presenters:

Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A.

Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A. has been involved with New Thought churches since the early 70’s—either as a member of a Science of Mind Church or Unity. Since 2005, she has been an active member of Unity In Marin and a prayer chaplain for 2 years. She received a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Her master’s thesis was on the impact of Eastern Religions on Transformative Psychotherapy.

Christy has been receiving visions that she turns into “living rituals’. She is most famous for her Easter Moonrise Service where she tells the story of Easter through Mary Magdalene’s Eyes with 50 other Priestesses and Priests. Everyone walks in Magdalene’s footsteps in a six-station ritual of the series of events leading up to the Resurrection.

She lives in Marin County and travels teaching and offering seminars on a variety of topics on Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene. One of her more popular ones is called "Ancient Mystic Women Who Seeded the Ideas of Consciousness Evolution,” and the Goddess and the Crop Circles which will be covered in the webinar.

For more info: www.gospelofmarymagdalene.info

Offerings for Seminars in your area:

2nd Tuesday of  the month is A Sacred Circle to the Way of Mary
as outlined in A Course of Love.

Open Secret Bookstore 923 C St., San Rafael, CA, 94901 on 8/27 Tues. at 7 pm.

Annual Moonrise Service on Easter Evening

Easter as seen through Mary Magdalene’s eyes—A moonrise service

Facebook Live archived links from 2018 Magdalene Moonrise Easter Celebration:


Thanks to Lynn Chittick who is doing the Facebook Live for the evening at our Magdalene Easter Moonrise Celebration.  People are setting up their station altars, the musicians/dancers are warming up so Lynn goes around to show you how everything is being set up and introduces you to some of the Priestesses who are involved.

Correction about the confusion over the Order of Magdalene ...Elizabeth Kelley ordained me in the Lyceum of Sophia as a Priestess dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Elizabeth Kelley herself is ordained in the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene which is a separate and different order. Only one woman a year is selected to be ordained into this order which is out of France.



In this clip Lynn starts out by acknowledging the Cathar Priestess who are from Barcelona, Spain.  Then we go into the beautiful blessing of the spikenard anointing oil with Andrea.




Now in this next clip Lynn catches the Celebration starting with Station # 2

Blessing of the Bread and the Wine in the celebration of the 1st Century version of the communion which was called a Love Feast where people broke bread to celebrate the blessing of Life and the good news.

#3 Station of prayers at the Cross where you write your prayer request for 

David and Andrea sing the Altar of Love

Diana Melchizedek speaks of Mother Mary Holy Wisdom

Pulling the nails out of the Cross

#4 Station Forgiveness Altar sponsored by Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, Eileen Barker of Pathways to Forgiveness

Song Try not to get worried

#5 Station Empty Tomb where you get your heart anointed, for we learn Love lives in us as us. We are One with God

#6 Gates of Heaven activated while Jai Josefs plays his beautiful song Beloved  and then people begin to walk the stations.




Shows the ritual walk and interviews the Steward /Priestesses at the altar

She starts with Eliahu and Michelle #2 Last Supper who serve the braided bread of the Goddess / gluten free matzo crackers and wine/grape juice.


#3 Prayers at the Cross Lynn interviews Sylvia Binfield who is one of the Magdalene Priestesses who receives your prayers and assists people to release the person in their mind that they maybe crucifying.

then onto #4 Forgiveness altar where they meet Eileen Barker of www.PathwaystoForgiveness.com that helps people to learn how to forgive and then they get rose petals tossed on them.

When rose petals are thrown into the air they take people immediately to joy…watch for the laughter.

then she goes into the


#5 station the empty tomb where Mary met the Risen Christ outside in the garden.  She learns that he will live in her heart as the Love of God. A Course In Miracles says within us is the Altar of Love.  She when you enter the Tomb you find yourself in a beautiful temple of Love where at the Altar of Love you get your heart anointed and blessed.


The last station #6 is the Gates of Heaven as in the Gospel of Mary once Mary infusion the disciples with the Grace she received from Jesus and he instructed HER to go forth and spread the Gospel so we walk forth as H.I.M = Heaven in Me, to receive the blessings that come forth when we consciously choose to experience Heaven on Earth.



Join us in a special evening of ritual musical wonderment and exploration of Mary’s role in the events leading up to the Resurrection.

Please invite your friends and celebrate the Resurrection of the Spirit of Love in us All!

About the Moonrise Service:

What Goddess was overlaid onto the period of time we call Easter?

What was the Biblical prophecy in the story of Easter that predicted the rise of Mary Magdalene?

What did she do to impact the Resurrection?

Delve into the mystery of Mary’s impactful role as sourced from the Gospel of Mary, the Eucharist work of Episcopalian Priest Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault (author of The Meaning of Mary Magdalene), the explanation of the true intended meaning of the Crucifixion from A Course In Miracles and information in the Bible, which actually validates these other sources.

Become wrapped in celestial sounds from mystical chants as we move into a beautiful “6-Station Ritual” beginning with the anointing, with real Jerusalem Spikenard oil flown in from the Holy lands—to ending at the Gates of Heaven in a circle of chanting as the full moon rises shining on us all.

Special note: A calrion call to the men to come and join a promenade of a special "Calling" at the beginning of the service, announcing their support for Mary Magdalene, and the Divine Feminine. Guided by the men and musican David Lieberstein who will sound the call with his amazing didgeridoo. (The men who wish to participate are welcomed to help us begin the service with a procession of men, followed by the Magdalene Priestesses by coming to the Foyer right before the service begins.) Call Christy for more details or visit our website.

Led by Priestess Christiane Michaels, M.A. accompanied by devoted Magdalene Priestesses/Priests musicians and singers. Donation $20 - $40 (no one turned away for lack of funds) Opportunities for loving service are available. Please call Christy at 415-879-0155. For more info on what is involved in the service please visit our website: www.gospelofmarymagdalene.info

Workshop and Seminar offerings:

•The Biblical prophesy of the Rise of Mary Magdalene

•The little known backstory to the discovery of her Gospel and

•What the discovery and excavation of her home in Magdala is finding out about her.

oHer role in the Resurrection

oNew evidence as to who she really was.

oViewing the Easter story from her eyes

•The Secret Enlightened Teachings of Mary Magdalene in her Gospel.

oEvidence of her Enlightenment

oWhat are her teachings?

oLearn about How the Gospel of Mary and Thomas are mirrored in ACIM word or word

oDiscover what Mary did that changed the course of Herstory.

•Ancient Awakenings: A Discourse on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene as it is Mirrored in A Course In Miracles

•Learn about How the Gospel of Mary is mirrored in ACIM word or word.

•Gain a deeper understanding as to why there are so few uses of feminine terms like she, woman or female in A Course in Miracles(ACIM) as so clearly explained in the Gospel of Mary

•Most people I have talked to about this just say “Ah Get over it. That is the way it is.” which is not comforting to hear.

•A deep exploration in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene actually reveals just why this came to pass in ACIM (the exclusion of feminine terms) and the answer from a woman’s perspective is very comforting and quite illuminating.

•Secret Code for the Divine Feminine – H.I.M.

•Enlightened Partnership: How to move from Special Relationship to Holy Relationship.

•Studying the model from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene as it is mirrored in A Course In Miracles and

•Grounding the Enlighten relationship principles in the practicality of Compassionate Communication

•Transforming day to day common relationship issues with greater ease and empathy.

•Practical tips on how to get out of a tight uncomfortable spot where one does not feel like their needs are being met.

oHow to have an enlightened day as outlined in The Gospel of Mary and A Course In Miracles.

•Set higher intensions that really work to bring greater peace.

•Understanding the “rules for creating an enlightened day” from ACIM

Listing of Past Events