Musicians, Singers, Dancers and Ritualists: 

Musicians: Christine Tulis, harpist,

Singers: Nina Grae

Watch her sing at the Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe on Saturday, April 3 at 6pm. Register for zoom link.

Ilumina Dancers:

Ilona Marshall, (no website)

Karen La Puma,

Celestine Star,

Andrea La Canela


Elizabeth Kelley of the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene, Mary Magdalene Gnosticism Holy Grail Alchemy Egyptian Mystery Schools (


Connie Viveros,Sponsor: Inspired Heart Foundation | Leadership Training for At Risk Women

Oshalla Dee, MC Arts Gallery & Collective (

Luminessa Enjara  Luminessa Enjara's Personal Journey - THE NEW FEMININE MYSTIQUE

Michele NewmanSing Your Soul Song


Sacred Masculine:

Dan Craig-Morse, The Sophia Project – Reclaiming The Divine Spark Within

Eliahu Goodman,

Ari Moshe Wolfe

Scott Catamas


Executive producer, Santon de la Vie,

Thank you to our media producers:

Scott Catamas, founder of Love Coach Academy at

Debra Giusti, Wishing Well Production

Magdalene Moonrise Celebration 

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Christy Michaels, M.A.
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