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What do people say about Christy's events?

Dear Christy, thank you for your beautiful heart and leading this beautiful gathering this evening. I was so honored to join you. This touched something deep within my soul and I was receiving intuitive messages that I was to be there to witness and hear as it is to impact my book writing. I really look forward to connecting with you again soon. 
Sending gratitude and love. Kathleen R.🙏❤

"Last night was Magnificent!! Everyone did a great job! - Santon

"Great Magdalene program!" Xxx  - Debra G. 


Magdalene Easter Moonrise Celebration
April 4th 2021
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Magdalene Impact
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Intro to Holy Womb Chakra Wisdom
Time: May 30, 2021 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Magdalene Easter Moonrise Celebration 2021
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The Rise of the Divine Feminine


Here it is Live

Bring a candle and wear white and aqua blue if you wish to join along in the ritual

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How the Berlin Wall came down from a candle being lit with intention 

Missed our Magdalene Feast Day July 22


View of full program is coming soon

meantime you can watch the

Live on Facebook 

Thank you to Scott Catamas from
Love Coach Academy
There is a delay in the upload to Facebook Live so you miss the beautiful opening.  It starts with the story of how the Berlin Wall comes down from the 
candle lighting of an intension for peace.


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Looking forward to sharing the presence of Love with you. The full video will be available sometime soon.


Priestess Christy

MagdaleneFeastdayFlyer_v4.JPG Magdalene Moonrise Healing Easter Celebration

Sunday April 12, 2020

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Magdalene Moonrise Healing Easter Celebration

watch here


Facebook Live

had 2.4K views

Full length version of the

10th Annual

Magdalene Moonrise Easter Celebration

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2019 Magdalene Moonrise Celebration
Pictures on Facebook of this blessed Celebration
Photo's by Celestine Star and Ritch Davidson

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4 Pillar Webinar on the

Magdalene Awakening as Revealed in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene via Email

Photo's by Celestine Star in movie clip

Preview of the last 10 years

4 Pillars of Magdalene's Awakening

Knighting of Sacred Masculine

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Enjoy as my gift to you 

Pillar One: Be in Harmony

This webinar series offers deeper experiences that allows people to not only learn one of the foundational teachings of Mary Magdalene, as revealed in the Gospel of Mary, but how to   embody these wonderful ideas.


Christy discovered that the Gospel of Mary is mirrored in A Course In Miracles (ACIM), which helps us to have a more profound understanding about what is being exposed.

Pillar 1:  Be in Harmony–What are the 4 pillars or tenants she lived by? How did Her Gospel come to be discovered? What are the jewels in Her Gospel we have sadly missed out on? 

Pillar 2: Steps to Awakening–Dedication and focus, the essential ingredients to awakening. We follow her steps to Her awaken state of consciousness. Important clues are also found in the Georges La Tour, painting featured in the Disney movie the Little Mermaid. Didn’t see the Magdalene painting in the Little Mermaid? I promise you it is there.

Pillar 3: Manifest your True Nature: Love–Here it is 2,000 years later and she is coming out stronger than ever. She is a woman of power whose manifestations were not denied her as she understood how to manifest the Truth of who she was, and that made the difference, not whether she had sex with her Beloved or not.


Pillar 4: Become Embodied Love and Walk Forth–How she, along with the mother of her Beloved, are still impacting and changing the world today. Perhaps a tipping point can be reached to make manifest Heaven on Earth, if we choose it.  She did it!

Cost: $100 - via

Testimonials:  I loved it! – Sue Smith, Ph.D. 


“I would like to have it indefinitely. I will listen to this gold many times!!” - Dr. Denise Renye, 


“I greatly enjoyed the first class. I'm very interested in Mary's teachings and her wisdom.” – Eileen Barker

Diana Melchizedek has invoked the presence of Sophia and is knighting with her husband Michael

at the Magdalene Easter Moonrise Service.  If you look closely you will see how deeply affected Diana and Michael by the power of Sophia.  There is such much energy coming through they can hardly hold the sword.

(see above)

Magdalene Easter Moonrise Ritual Stations 2018

Sacred Ritual of Apology of the Men.